Every chef has a story. Chef Lenny Judice's story is a life that has revolved around the kitchen, which can be described as diverse as his upbringing. He has worked in both baking and pastry and in cooking, in casual and fine dining, as an understudy and as a mentor for others aspiring chefs.

Growing up, Lenny traveled and resided across the eastern United States and Caribbean. Born in New York and raised in both Miami and New Jersey, he also spent many years being raised between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, where the true essence of food and good eating was ingrained in him. While still a young boy, he ran errands for his grandmother to purchase fresh products from local farmers in the towns of Higuey, and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; he also sat in the kitchen of his mother’s restaurant in Santurce, Puerto Rico, watching and learning. During visits to his family's farms, Lenny further learned the food and work ethic of his family. Some of his greatest memories are of eating ripe mangos and other fruits picked from their trees, of being kicked out of the kitchen by his grandmother for tasting from the pots and pans before the meal was completed, and of course, of finally eating the food, which was cooked by the same people who farmed it- those who raised him; they are credited most for instilling in him love, and a love for food and life.

These memories have accompanied him along his professional career, which began when he worked as a baker’s apprentice and pastry chef, and then shortly after, attended Johnson & Wales University to pursue a culinary career. While in school, he got his start as a cook in casual Mediterranean dining, and moved on to fine dining to work for some of the most renowned chefs in South Florida, such as Chef Michael Schwartz, Chef Christian DeLouvrier and Chef Allen Susser. Working with these chefs gave him the opportunity to absorb a vast amount of knowledge and technique, as well as learn what it takes to be a true success. He has also been grateful to have worked at “The Mix” in Johnson and Wales University, leading and teaching the students who were gaining experience in the trade during their externship programs.

Through these experiences, Lenny has been exposed to Latin, Italian, Local and Seasonal, Classic French, Asian Fusion, New World, and countless other cuisines; he has been held many roles within the kitchen, all which have inspired him to be the caring, creative and eclectic chef he is today. He has worked for many of the best restaurants and hotels in Aventura, South Beach and Miami's Design District, and currently, the 15th Street Fisheries, in Ft. Lauderdale.

Beyond his food, what distinguishes Chef Lenny Judice, Executive Chef of the 15th St Fisheries, is his ability to take his life's lessons and create a work environment and refined dining experience that provides the essential elements of home and hospitality. Today, Chef Lenny embraces his past with gratitude and acknowledges his ongoing growth. With these thoughts of his life in mind, Chef Lenny continues to share his story through his words, efforts and food, and seeks to make a positive impression on his diners and all who surround him.

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